The first thing many people think of when they hear the word “luxury” is a car. The most expensive cars are often referred to as luxury vehicles, and there is no shortage of brands from which you can choose. But what makes a luxury car worth its lofty prices?

There are a lot of factors that go into determining whether or not a car is worth its price tag. One factor might be how much space it has inside since more space means more room for passengers (or cargo). 

Another consideration might be fuel efficiency, with higher gas mileage translating into lower long-term costs for fuel. Still, other features like power windows and doors may also come in handy depending on your needs and lifestyle choices. 

Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide which features are worth the luxury price tag. The following are seven luxury car features that can make a luxury vehicle worth your money.

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#1: Being Safe and Secure

Safety is absolutely paramount when driving, but it’s not just about avoiding crashes while on the road. According to Consumer Reports, luxury cars have more advanced safety technologies than standard vehicles, making them safer in many ways than standard vehicles. 

Some examples of these safety measures include anti-lock brakes, backup cameras, side airbags for both passengers and drivers, active headlights to help with night vision, and even blind-spot monitors.

While these things may not be necessary purchases for everyone, they could certainly come in handy if you’re a parent or work in any other industry that requires you to be on the road often.

#2: Being Tech-Savvy

Luxury cars are a substantial investment these days. They have a higher price tag than most other vehicles on the market because of their exclusive features. 

Being tech-savvy is important for anyone whose relationship with their car extends beyond simply driving it from point A to point B. Even entry-level cars offer technologies such as Bluetooth, but also built-in GPS systems for improved navigation. 

Touchscreen displays allow you to do things like view your internal temperature settings, listen to music (or radio), check out pictures stored on your phone, get directions if you need them – all without ever taking your hands off the wheel. If you’re looking to add a little luxury to your car check out why an android radio, can make all the difference in the world.

Features such as advanced cruise control, self-parking, and even self-driving are features of truly luxurious vehicles.

#3: Looking Cool and Stylish

Sure, utilitarian trucks and SUVs still have their own unique style that is hard to match, but luxury cars can certainly hold their own in this department too. 

Luxury vehicles are often designed with special attention to specific details like interior padding, real wood panels or trim on the dashboard, additional chrome accents, plush fabrics for extra comfort – all of which may not be necessary from a technical standpoint, but certainly help you feel good about your purchase. 

Just look at Rolls Royce’s configurator, they’ve built their reputation on style through individual choice. Sometimes the most luxurious thing is having something no one else does.

#4: Having Plenty of Options

luxury car worth-rolls royce interior
Luxurious interior of the Rolls Royce Phantom Drop-head

If you’re going to spend big money on something luxury-related, it should at least include things you actually use right? 

Car manufacturers realize this and try to include as many opulent features in luxury cars as possible to differentiate them from less expensive vehicles. In the case of car manufacturers, this can mean many different things depending on the brand. 

Luxury vehicle brands like Bentley and Rolls-Royce tend to include small details such as wool carpets, leather seats, real wood accents, and bespoke paint schemes with infinite numbers of combinations. How’s that for options?

#5: Giving You a Good Resale Value

According to Kelly Blue Book, luxury vehicles are generally worth more money than standard vehicles on the used market. While luxury vehicles may have higher initial costs than standard cars or trucks, they, in particular, tend to hold their value much better once they’ve been sold, making them a better investment. 

Luxury vehicle brands like Lexus even place special emphasis on resale value in addition to safety and luxury features. Models like the RX Hybrid are perfect for those who want a luxury ride that’s also good for the environment on top of low depreciation.

#6: Being Fun on the Road

Many car manufacturers also try to make their luxury vehicles fun and exciting to drive in addition to being feature-packed. These cars often have more powerful engines that are designed for speed, which can make long commutes and road trips even more enjoyable. 

Some luxury vehicle models like the BMW 3 Series or Mercedes-Benz C-Class offer special sports packages and bespoke engine offerings. If you want a vehicle that is perfect for spirited drives through the countryside or down the highway in supreme comfort, luxury cars are probably your best bet for that kind of enjoyment.

#7: Making You Feel Secure While Out and About

Luxury vehicles are generally built with safer materials than standard vehicles in order to give you peace of mind while driving. They often offer more safety features like additional airbags, seat belt tensioners, and advanced stability control systems which keep both you and your passengers safer on the road. 

If security is a concern for you when purchasing an expensive luxury vehicle, it’s worth considering which type will be best suited to your particular needs. Particular brands such as Volvo have built their reputation on being safer than their competitors.

The sense of security is a luxurious feeling in its own right.

#Bonus: Making You Feel Comfortable When You’re Inside

Luxury car manufacturers have come a long way with their engineering and levels of refinement. In addition to making better use of space within their models’ thanks to consumer market research, they are also more luxurious and comfortable than ever. 

Leather and wood are not enough to create a luxury experience. Manufacturers race to create unique experiences within their vehicles in order to one-up each other. Such features include mood lighting, active aromas, and even sound therapy. 

Still, manufacturers are trying to find ways to elevate the meaning of luxury. It is a battle of increments leading to a sum greater than its parts. 


If you’re looking for something that gives you more “bang for your buck”, then standard cars and trucks are probably a better option since they typically cost less than luxury vehicles both in maintenance and upfront cost. 

While it’s true that when compared with standard cars or trucks, luxury models will generally hold their value longer, this isn’t always the case. 

Depreciation hits all cars hard, especially big expensive ones. Sometimes though when all the boxes are ticked and the experience hits home, the money is just worth it. 

So are luxury cars worth it for you?

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