If suddenly zombies appear and mad max does happen, what are the best cars for the apocalypse?

The Pickup Truck

best cars for the Apocalypse pickup truck
Dodge Ram Pickup Truck

This seems like an obvious choice. Pickups are plentiful. Finding one among all the chaos will be easy. Built for heavy hauling and daily duty, the pickup truck is strong.

They have tons of room and have the ability to carry all your supplies. So home run, right? Maybe. The pickup has some strong pros but one flaw.

They’re thirsty, like real thirsty.

Refueling in the apocalypse will be a huge problem, as all the movies have taught us. Being stranded with all your gear won’t help when the crap hits the fan.

We need something with range to get us where we need to go.

The Hybrid

best cars for the Apocalypse hybrid car
Toyota Prius Hybrid

When you think of fuel efficiency and range it’s hard to beat a hybrid. Although there are a lot of hybrids out there, the most known and probably easiest accessible would be the Toyota Prius.

I know what you’re thinking, there is no way Prius could be the best car for an apocalypse but, hear me out. The Prius is fairly light, has a decent amount of room, and in electric mode is very stealthy.

Most importantly it’s a Toyota, so it’ll keep working basically forever. All good things when you don’t want anyone to find you.

The only downside I see is its type of fuel. Gasoline might run out eventually so having a vehicle that has multiple fuel options could be a better fit for those tricky low supply situations.

The Diesel

best cars for the Apocalypse diesel car
Volkswagen Jetta Diesel

In the 1890s Rudolph Diesel invented the compression-ignition engine with his namesake to run on coal dust. He experimented with other fuels such as vegetable oil until petroleum-based fuels took over.

So what does this mean? It means if you have a diesel vehicle it can run more than one fuel source. Excellent when supplies run low.

You could even make your own fuel! But which diesel car is the right one? A fourth-generation VW Jetta (1999-2005) sedan or wagon. With a 470+ mile range, strong reliability, and the choice of fuels, the apocalypse will not be slowing you down.

Where do I look for cars? Check out Edmunds.com for great used car listings.


Now you are armed with vehicular knowledge when/if the crisis comes. In the meantime wash your hands and do your best to protect yourselves in these trying times.

It looks tough now but this too will pass. Although if it doesn’t, at least you know what the best cars for the apocalypse are. Stay safe!

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