Why should you buy a cheap classic car? Because that modern car in your driveway is so good now that it’s become worse. How so, you ask?

It’s sucking the vehicular spontaneity from your life, that’s how. I’ll explain why a little vintage motoring in your life will do you some good, and how a classic car will bring that automotive spark back in your life. But let’s start with that modern car in our driveway.

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Modern Cars

Let’s face it, newer cars are all starting to look the same. Many factors including consensus car building and strict automotive regulations have steered automotive design in one direction; blandness.

Manufacturers do try to distinguish themselves occasionally, but they will try to extract gobs of money from you for creating a product with some character. Companies today are in the business of providing a polished transportation appliance as opposed to some of the rolling artistic and engineering expressions in the past.

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Modern Cars

People And Cars Today

We expect way more from our vehicles today than we ever have. We want our cars to do it all. Conversely, we want our vehicles to require less and less from us.

Less money, less maintenance, less fuel, less effort to drive. While all those things are pretty great, besides looking the same, it makes vehicles feel and drive more and more the same too.

Don’t get me wrong, new cars do a lot of things great and I love having them in my life. Sometimes though it just feels like something is missing.

Were all driving about in big appliances not knowing the thrill of an automotive oddity. That’s where classic cars come in. They give you the character and emotion new cars just can’t offer anymore. Think of the cars today like your diet.

A healthy diet that has a lot of things going for it, it’s good for you, the taste is alright, and doesn’t trouble you. Now think of classic cars as that cheat meal from your favorite fast-food restaurant; you know it’s not good for you but it tastes so good, it’s worth it.

This analogy will make more sense when I explain the nuances of owning classic cars.

Joys Of Classic Automobiles

So when you decide to buy a classic car there will be some (maybe many) sacrifices made. Granted every case is unique depending on the car and the many variables associated with each one, but finding the sweet spot between the inevitable hiccups and the driving pleasure is what every classic car owner looks forward to.

This delicate dance between man and machine improves you as a car owner. You begin to appreciate things when they work right because you don’t know how long they will last, or if they will. You connect with your car; learning, listening, and feeling carry over into other parts of your life even.

Okay so maybe I’m painting this image of classic ownership a bit, but think about it. Most of the rewarding experiences we have in life come after a bit of struggle.

Figuring out tough situations, and resolving complex problems. It’s what makes us human. That’s what I think classics can do for us. Put a little humanity back in this world being taken over by automation and machines.

buy a Cheap Classic car assortment
Classic car assortment

Finding A Classic Car

Now that my philosophical approach has (hopefully) won you over into purchasing a classic automobile, how do we go about it? Here’s a quick list of ways you can go find yourself some classic autos.

Online classifieds websites like eBay, Hemmings and Bring A trailer offer the most opportunity because the internet has no bounds. You literally have endless options.

  • Craigslist: Can sometimes find some diamonds in the rough but a lot of turds as well. Be wary of scammers.
  • Local car meets: swap meets and niche car shows are great places to find some decent deals.
  • Auctions: Not my favorite place because most sellers are looking to squeeze a profit and that’s not great for someone looking for a bargain but sometimes you may get lucky so doesn’t hurt to check.

Purchasing A Classic Car

Now that you have an idea where to look, you’re wondering what to look for. That’s the fun part of this.

You can literally look for a car in any genre or period you have an interest in. Like muscle cars? bronze era cars? British roadsters? JDM classics?

The list is endless. Just start researching some cars with your budget in mind and off you go. This is your passion and you can have whatever you want.

TIP: Join classic car forums for the specific type of car you’re interested in purchasing. Ask questions from members who own these vehicles on what to look for in a potential purchase. Some of these owners have years of ownership experience and they’re passionate to talk about it. They can help you understand if you’re buying a dream car or a nightmare and that is invaluable. Sometimes they even have cars for sale!

Check out Hemmings if you’re looking to purchase, they have tons of listings.


The price that something is worth is what someone is willing to pay for it. Is that the case with classic cars? Well yes and no.

Classic cars haven’t always been known as affordable. Usually, anything interesting or unusual claims an exorbitant price tag and that makes it unaffordable for most people.

Big-name brands Ferrari, Lamborghini, etc. have always commanded big money and have become investments more than automobiles. However, don’t despair. There are plenty of fun and desirable cars out there for any budget.

Selling A Classic Car? Check out how to list your project car for sale.

So now you know why you should buy a cheap classic car. Feel free to let me know about your classic car interest and what your favorite genre of car is.

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