Quick Tip: Tools Needed To Change A Car Battery

industry traveling car vehicle

The tools needed to change a car battery are simple and most likely already in your home. A good set of wrenches, socket or otherwise and most likely you’re good to go.  If you really want to get minimalistic about it I’m sure you can get away with a couple of good adjustable crescent wrenches. That will probably allow you to change the 12v battery on most cars. For cars with more unique battery locations like in the trunk or under a seat, you will need a couple of other…

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How To Be Prepared For An Epic Car Meet-Up

photo of cars parked on parking space

One thing I have learned in life is a car meet-up can be pretty brutal unless you are well-prepared for the event. Those of you planning to take your show car for a local meet might want to plan for it.  Different people have different preferences, and we believe that it is great to showcase these at a car show. However, make sure that you don’t end up trending on Reddit communities for the wrong reasons.  Build the Right Car Many people would argue that the right car would ideally…

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DIY Ceramic Coating: An Incredibly Easy Method That Works

photo of man cleaning his car

Can you ceramic coat your own car? Yes, you can! DIY ceramic coating projects are becoming common among gearheads, especially after many of us started working from home and had more time on our hands.  Here are some things for you to remember when undertaking a ceramic coating DIY project:  Choose the Right Coating Many people can’t differentiate between the different types of protective coatings you can put on a car. We’ll break down some of the most common ones so that you can distinguish between them and know what…

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The Secrets To Swapping Wheels Between Cars

black rubber mercedes benz automotive wheel

I know we’ve all thought about swapping wheels between cars at some point or another. Wheels after all make or break the appearance of a car.  Sure there are a ton of aftermarket wheels to fit your every whim, but sometimes an eye catches an oem wheel that just does it for you. Whether it’s between model years or different brands we just have to have it.  The question is can we make it work? Can you just switch wheels with another car, simply unbolting the old and bolting up…

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Hot Tip: How To Upgrade Your Car’s Sound System

engineer testing sound system

So you’re finally doing it, swapping out that old sound tech. You’ve found the right place because I just did the same, and here’s how to upgrade your car’s sound system the right way. I’ll go over how to pick out the right system for your car, which components are needed, how to get it done, and where to get the right components. Soon you’ll be surrounded by sweet audio bliss too. Plan Out Your Audio System First things first, know what you want to do. As the old saying goes, “failing…

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List Your Project Car for Sale: The Ultimate Guide

red coupe on flatbed trailer

Regardless of the fact, there are times when you might need to list your project car for sale, and we’re here to help you to figure out how to go about it.  Your project car is probably your baby: you’ve spent countless hours getting things to work, out of your garage, and on the streets. While some of you might have been successful in restoring your car, others might not have been as lucky. How To Sell Your Project Car There are a few things that make selling a project…

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4 Things To Remember For An Epic DIY Car Wash

Nothing is more satisfying for a gear-head than a DIY car wash and detailing a car at home. While there are people who prefer the convenience of a car wash, many of us prefer cleaning and detailing our cars painstakingly by hand to get that perfect finish. As fun as it is to maintain your car, it can get a bit overwhelming for people who are new to vehicle detailing. Therefore, to make life easier, we have put together a list of 4 things to remember for an Epic DIY…

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When To Replace Your Tires, And How To Do It Properly

man changing a car tire

You will eventually need to replace your tires. It’s a fact of car ownership. As the tread wears on your tires, so will its grip and performance.  This affects all aspects of driving including acceleration, steering, and braking.  Generally you’ll need to replace tires on three occasions. After your tires have worn out down past their usable tread depth, past the useful age life of the tires, and when you experience a flat or blowout. The key is figuring out when these will happen and the symptoms that reveal when…

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Ultimate Guide To Making Money With Your Car

making money with your car

Being a car enthusiast is great, but it costs you money. Guess what though? You can reverse the situation pretty easily and have it make money for you instead. What if you could have your car pay for its repairs, upgrades, monthly payments, or even insurance? If you’ve got access to a reliable vehicle thats fairly modern, you can start making money with your car right now! If you’ve got the time and the hustle you can make hundreds of extra bucks. You can raise some spare cash, use it…

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Best Time Of The Year To Buy A Used Car

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What’s the absolute best time of the year to buy a used car? The answer isn’t as simple as a season or a month, but pretty easy to understand. The Best time in fact is when dealerships feel pressure to unload inventory. A little industry knowledge on value, life cycles, and insider practices can help you narrow that purchase time to an exact moment. First, a major requisite for applying the information in this article is buying from a dealer. Private seller buying is much more nuanced and the techniques…

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