Value After An Accident Demystified

two cars crash

Value after an accident. It’s a formula clouded in mystery, that insurance companies try to prevent from getting out. Luckily you can find anything on the internet.  We now know how to figure out exactly how much your car really loses in value in an accident, and spoiler it’s a lot more than just money. How much value does a car lose after an accident? Insurance companies will value cars differently based on their own proprietary formulas, but will arrive at a number called the actual cash value to start…

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7 Features That Make A Luxury Car Worth Your Money

photo of white rolls royce ghost parked in an alley

The first thing many people think of when they hear the word “luxury” is a car. The most expensive cars are often referred to as luxury vehicles, and there is no shortage of brands from which you can choose. But what makes a luxury car worth their lofty prices? There are a lot of factors that go into determining whether or not a car is worth its price tag. One factor might be how much space it has inside, since more space means more room for passengers (or cargo).  Another…

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Want To Know The Mystery Behind E-85 Fuel?

gasoline station

Way back in the 2000’s e-85 fuel was proposed as a magical propellant that was going to break us from foreign dependency on oil.  It’s an alternative fuel that was supposed to be cleaner, greener and cheaper than gas. It had some real momentum with manufacturers like Ford and Chevrolet offering cars that could run on the stuff right off the showroom floor.  Then it sort of just went away. Nobody asked, and no one really cared. Most people don’t even know what it is, how it works, or where…

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Are JDM Engines Good? The Honest Truth

blue silver black car engine

You think to yourself one night while scrolling through youtube videos and ricers on Tik-Tok “the Japanese build one hell of a car, but are JDM engines good too?” You’ve got a tuner car. Particularly a Japanese one. You want to upgrade your mill under the hood for some more power (because there’s never enough), or maybe you blew your old engine and just need a new one.  Sourcing an engine from Japan is actually a great idea. Not only are JDM engines good, they are a better option than…

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The Ultimate Tool: Get the Most Horsepower Per Dollar

red coupe drifting on asphalt road

Everyone loves a bargain, especially when car shopping. Horsepower is a big selling point for a lot of car companies these days, but who really is giving you the most horsepower per dollar spent? To figure this out I decided to look at the most popular cars on sale to see what you’re really getting in terms of dollars and ponies. Beyond that I created a calculator specifically for you Automotivists to do your own research.  This tool allows you to calculate the horsepower per dollar of any car you…

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The Best Cheap Small 4×4 You Need But Can’t Get

photo of people on pickup truck

The best cheap small 4×4 on sale currently, isn’t available to us in the United States. There’s a huge demand for it and the automakers in the U.S just aren’t getting it. Sure the Jeep Wrangler Rubicon is amazing and the upcoming Ford Bronco Badlands will be even more so, but have you seen the prices?  To understand what we’re missing and why we need it, take a look at the international best selling small 4×4 the Suzuki Jimny. Best Small 4×4 Off Road Vehicle The Suzuki Jimny is THE…

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The Easiest Cars To Work On Right Now

man in black jacket and black knit cap inspecting car engine

Even though many of us Automotivists like to wrench on our own cars, we don’t always like some of the unnecessary complications some cars present. So I’ve figured out the easiest cars to work on, for you. Some are easier than others, and each has its own reason.  Maintaining your car shouldn’t require an advanced engineering degree. If you need something that won’t drive you crazy when getting your maintenance on, check out the vehicles on this list.  Chevrolet Silverado HD Work Truck The legendary Chevrolet small block. Been around…

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The Best Overland Vehicle Under $5000 You Can Buy

off road car with tent on roof parked on lake shore in forest

The so-called “Jeep creep” and “Toyota tax” is in full effect Lately. Since I care so much about you Automotivists, I made it my mission to find the best overland vehicle under $5000 I could find, saving you the hassle.  Overlanding is becoming the new hobby for the housebound millennials. Work from home and virus restrictions have created a hunger for the outdoors.  I, for one, am all for that. What I’m not down with is the price premium this is putting on all the previously cheap and plentiful off…

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How Uncool Is It To Drive A Minivan? Surprise It’s Not.

Let’s be honest, no car gets a bigger stigma than the minivan. People are so driven by this that an entire class of vehicle, the crossover, was invented. So how uncool is it to drive a minivan? I’m here to tell you in fact minivans are one of the coolest cars out there.  Now, if you care a lot of what people think about you, the type of car you buy will be driven by that. You won’t want a minivan because it says you’re practical, have a family, and…

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Love Your Car – It Will Do The Same

woman wears yellow shirt and blue denim jeans sits on silver car

Love your car? Some of us might. Some are beyond love and are at obsession. Im not talking about those people here though. I’m speaking to the vast majority. Those who use and abuse our vehicles and treat them like the appliances they are. According to Fox, a OnePoll study conducted on behalf of Cooper Tire found the average American spends 18 days driving per year, that’s 8 hours and 22 minutes per week! Although some people personify their vehicles, I’m not telling you to do that. By loving your…

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