I’m sure as an Automotivist the dream car garage space excites you almost as much as what you’re going to store in it.

Most enthusiasts are probably thinking of which cars they would park in their dream car garage when they read they read the title. That’s a conversation that could probably last many days in most circles.

I’m talking more literally about the actual garage itself.

Every time I look at homes on the market, I’m immediately drawn to the garage space. This is because knowing how much space you have lets you think about which cars you can and can’t potentially have.

Plus, if you want to wrench, that’s additional space that needs to be accounted for. So I started thinking of the ideal physical car garage space, the one that every car guy dreams of.

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The Layout

car garage space architect architecture artist blur
Blueprint Dream Car Garage Space

My dream garage would be probably around 2000 square ft. Tall 15 ft ceilings are necessary for the lifts and would serve two functions. First, they would allow me to buy more cars and store them.

Second, they would allow me to wrench and maintain all of my vehicles in the same place. I would want the floors to be polished concrete and heated of course.

In there somewhere I would build a loft area that would house my Automobilia and provide a space just to look out at my collection.

The exterior of a garage is also an important part of the dream. Some like that stealth garage that’s attached and doesn’t show on the outside.

I, however, like the stand-alone garage. My dream garage should be a showpiece and a stand-alone building celebrates that. Hangar doors, perhaps just for the added flare.


Tons of spaces, tons of ideas. The passion for an auto enthusiast goes beyond the machine. The garage space is just a canvas to paint our emotions. It’s an expression of how our hobby goes beyond the machine. So what’s your dream car garage space look like?

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