So you want to know how to fix anything on your car yourself eh?

If you’re anything like me you like to wrench on your car when you get the chance; whether it’s to save money, experiment, or just maybe the problem doesn’t seem big enough to warrant a visit to an actual mechanic, as was the case with my most recent wrenching experience.

fix anything on your car
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The Problem

So it’s march, and it’s been pretty cold lately. My daily driver (2007 Toyota Camry) had developed a weird noise coming from the steering wheel every time I turned it.

It would go away some days, and come back louder on particularly cold ones. It was the worst kind of sound too. A dull rubber on rubber grinding noise; a noise that sounded expensive.

Hoping it was going to go away wasn’t going to cut it. So I decided I was going to solve this problem even if a trip to the mechanic was required.

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The Process

So I did what I always do when I decide to DIY. First I googled the symptoms of my particular problem with my exact car hoping to see if any other DIYers have posted and solved this issue.

After getting no results with other Camry owners in the forums, I widened my search just to the symptoms.

And? Bingo! I came across a Youtube video with a guy showing the exact same sound on some random Chevrolet. Armed with the info I got to work immediately.

The Solution

Turns out it is a basic universal maintenance issue that develops on most older cars. It was just a dry rubber inner boot on the steering column near the firewall that was grinding with the larger outer rubber boot.

A quick blast with WD-40 did the trick and boom! No more noise. A quick google search and 2 minutes’ worth of actual work, saved me a trip, unknown dollars, and a headache.

The Conclusion

So how do you fix anything on your car? Start with a google search. Forums and Youtube are a gold mine.

Many times you will come across other owners with your exact car tackling the same issues as you. If you don’t however come up with an exact match, don’t fret.

Sometimes searching more broadly across other cars may give you the info you need to tackle the situation whether on your own or not. The internet is one giant repair manual, don’t be afraid to use it.

What’s your method for DIY? Search or no search? Leave it to the experts?

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