Value After An Accident Demystified

two cars crash

Value after an accident. It’s a formula clouded in mystery, that insurance companies try to prevent from getting out. Luckily you can find anything on the internet.  We now know how to figure out exactly how much your car really loses in value in an accident, and spoiler it’s a lot more than just money. How much value does a car lose after an accident? Insurance companies will value cars differently based on their own proprietary formulas, but will arrive at a number called the actual cash value to start…

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7 Features That Make A Luxury Car Worth Your Money

photo of white rolls royce ghost parked in an alley

The first thing many people think of when they hear the word “luxury” is a car. The most expensive cars are often referred to as luxury vehicles, and there is no shortage of brands from which you can choose. But what makes a luxury car worth their lofty prices? There are a lot of factors that go into determining whether or not a car is worth its price tag. One factor might be how much space it has inside, since more space means more room for passengers (or cargo).  Another…

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Quick Tip: Tools Needed To Change A Car Battery

industry traveling car vehicle

The tools needed to change a car battery are simple and most likely already in your home. A good set of wrenches, socket or otherwise and most likely you’re good to go.  If you really want to get minimalistic about it I’m sure you can get away with a couple of good adjustable crescent wrenches. That will probably allow you to change the 12v battery on most cars. For cars with more unique battery locations like in the trunk or under a seat, you will need a couple of other…

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How To Be Prepared For An Epic Car Meet-Up

photo of cars parked on parking space

One thing I have learned in life is a car meet-up can be pretty brutal unless you are well-prepared for the event. Those of you planning to take your show car for a local meet might want to plan for it.  Different people have different preferences, and we believe that it is great to showcase these at a car show. However, make sure that you don’t end up trending on Reddit communities for the wrong reasons.  Build the Right Car Many people would argue that the right car would ideally…

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Want To Know The Mystery Behind E-85 Fuel?

gasoline station

Way back in the 2000’s e-85 fuel was proposed as a magical propellant that was going to break us from foreign dependency on oil.  It’s an alternative fuel that was supposed to be cleaner, greener and cheaper than gas. It had some real momentum with manufacturers like Ford and Chevrolet offering cars that could run on the stuff right off the showroom floor.  Then it sort of just went away. Nobody asked, and no one really cared. Most people don’t even know what it is, how it works, or where…

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Are JDM Engines Good? The Honest Truth

blue silver black car engine

You think to yourself one night while scrolling through youtube videos and ricers on Tik-Tok “the Japanese build one hell of a car, but are JDM engines good too?” You’ve got a tuner car. Particularly a Japanese one. You want to upgrade your mill under the hood for some more power (because there’s never enough), or maybe you blew your old engine and just need a new one.  Sourcing an engine from Japan is actually a great idea. Not only are JDM engines good, they are a better option than…

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The Ultimate Tool: Get the Most Horsepower Per Dollar

red coupe drifting on asphalt road

Everyone loves a bargain, especially when car shopping. Horsepower is a big selling point for a lot of car companies these days, but who really is giving you the most horsepower per dollar spent? To figure this out I decided to look at the most popular cars on sale to see what you’re really getting in terms of dollars and ponies. Beyond that I created a calculator specifically for you Automotivists to do your own research.  This tool allows you to calculate the horsepower per dollar of any car you…

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DIY Ceramic Coating: An Incredibly Easy Method That Works

photo of man cleaning his car

Can you ceramic coat your own car? Yes, you can! DIY ceramic coating projects are becoming common among gearheads, especially after many of us started working from home and had more time on our hands.  Here are some things for you to remember when undertaking a ceramic coating DIY project:  Choose the Right Coating Many people can’t differentiate between the different types of protective coatings you can put on a car. We’ll break down some of the most common ones so that you can distinguish between them and know what…

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The Secrets To Swapping Wheels Between Cars

black rubber mercedes benz automotive wheel

I know we’ve all thought about swapping wheels between cars at some point or another. Wheels after all make or break the appearance of a car.  Sure there are a ton of aftermarket wheels to fit your every whim, but sometimes an eye catches an oem wheel that just does it for you. Whether it’s between model years or different brands we just have to have it.  The question is can we make it work? Can you just switch wheels with another car, simply unbolting the old and bolting up…

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Hot Tip: How To Upgrade Your Car’s Sound System

engineer testing sound system

So you’re finally doing it, swapping out that old sound tech. You’ve found the right place because I just did the same, and here’s how to upgrade your car’s sound system the right way. I’ll go over how to pick out the right system for your car, which components are needed, how to get it done, and where to get the right components. Soon you’ll be surrounded by sweet audio bliss too. Plan Out Your Audio System First things first, know what you want to do. As the old saying goes, “failing…

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