Quick Tip: Tools Needed To Change A Car Battery

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The tools needed to change a car battery are simple and most likely already in your home. A good set of wrenches, socket or otherwise and most likely you’re good to go. 

If you really want to get minimalistic about it I’m sure you can get away with a couple of good adjustable crescent wrenches. That will probably allow you to change the 12v battery on most cars.

For cars with more unique battery locations like in the trunk or under a seat, you will need a couple of other things like some screwdrivers, panel removers, and maybe even some power tools. This can be a little tricky but with the right information you can get it done. 

Can I Change My Own Battery?

Changing a car battery is one of the simplest car maintenance tasks out there. It’s quite simply a matter of matching colored wires, unbolting a few tie downs and terminals and you’re off to go.

Occasionally, depending on the make and model of the car it can become a little more complex. With more and more tech in cars these days the battery is tied into multiple computers and mechanisms.

These modern vehicles often have fuse blocks, temp gauges and even require coding by a computer when replacing the battery. It’s all things you can do yourself but require planning ahead and bit more than just a couple of wrenches. 

If you’re looking for cars with easy battery maintenance, check out this list of the easiest cars to maintain.

Car Battery Tool Kit

All cars need their 12v battery replaced eventually. Here’s a tip, look over your car’s battery location and how it’s connected. Learn before-hand how it’s wired up and whether or not it needs coding by checking the manual or online.

Now that you know how to do it and what you need, create a little tool kit with tools required just for replacing the battery. A couple of wrenches or a socket set, whatever you need, keep it aside in the garage or wherever you keep your tools. 

This way when the time comes you know exactly what you need and where it’s kept. You can also keep it in the trunk so it’s handy but make sure you can access the trunk area when the battery is dead. 

You don’t want to be stranded with a dead battery only to realize that you can’t access the trunk  and your much needed tools. Don’t ask me how I know.

What Tools Do I Need To Take A Battery Out?

tools needed to change a car battery
Car Battery Tools

Besides the wrenches you need to unhook the battery, a good all around ratchet socket wrench set with multiple attachments is most likely all you need. Where your battery is located mostly determines what tools are required.

Generally the harder the battery is to get to the more tools you probably need. Under a seat or in the trunk, a few panels will most likely need to be removed. Most things in cars will be bolted down, fuse blocks and such.

So just get yourself a solid set of sockets from and a quality ratchet from Amazon or your favorite tool shop. You’ll need it more than you know, especially the 10mm.

Tools Needed To Replace Battery Terminals

If your terminals are corroded beyond use you might want to change them out. If you can clean your old terminals with some WD-40 and a wire brush you might be able to restore the terminals, it’s worth a try.

To change out terminals you’ll need to cut off the old ones and crimp on new ones. For this you’ll need a quality wire cutter and stripper. Battery cables are thick, between 4 and 6 gauge.

You’ll need to make sure the tools you get can handle that.

Replacement terminals come in two main styles, bolt down and crimp on. Both are suitable replacements.

Crimp terminals require you to slide the terminal over the wire and crimp on the new ones. Bolt on terminals just clamp down on the wire holding firmly in place. 

In Sum

The tools needed to change a car battery are simple and quite readily available. Having them on hand will ensure that whenever you do need to change your own battery that you’re well prepared.

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