What Is The Best Electric Used Car To Buy?

I don’t know if you’ve noticed but the electric car segment is red hot these days. Every major manufacturer is releasing, or working on releasing an EV model making used electric cars a steal. So what is the best electric used car to buy? Firstly, the trend toward EV’s means great news for us consumers. We have more selection and more competitive pricing in all forms of vehicles, combustion or not. But EV’s? Secondly, these things are depreciating like rocks. For a value hunter like myself, depreciation is our best…

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Thrifty Alternatives To New Cars

mercedes benz parked in a row

I decided to scour the internet and see which used cars could offer thrifty alternatives to new cars. It seems like every other day a new car comes out. Majority of the time they are just facelifts but manufacturers have started to pump out cars like there’s no tomorrow. That’s a bad thing if you are the type of person that needs the latest and greatest, but for those that like a deal (like me), its the best of times. New car: Jeep Gladiator If you’re looking to buy Jeep’s…

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