How To Fix Anything On Your Car Yourself- Mostly

bearded man fixing motorcycle in workshop

So you want to know how to fix anything on your car yourself eh? If you’re anything like me you like to wrench on your car when you get the chance; whether its to save money, experiment, or just maybe the problem doesn’t seem big enough to warrant a visit to an actual mechanic, as was the case with my most recent wrenching experience. The Problem So its march, and it’s been pretty cold lately. My daily driver (2007 Toyota Camry) had develop a weird noise coming from the steering…

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What’s The Best Mod For Your Car?

There are a lot of different mods out there. Wheels, wraps, suspension, power upgrades, the list is endless. What’s THE best mod for your car you ask? The mod I have in mind makes every car more functional and livable. It’s the Android Radio. No its not an app, but the physical radio. If your car is a bit older and didn’t come with a touch screen, or has one that is just plain obsolete because of aging tech, this will give your car new life. They even have them…

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