How To Fix Anything On Your Car Yourself- Mostly

bearded man fixing motorcycle in workshop

So you want to know how to fix anything on your car yourself eh? If you’re anything like me you like to wrench on your car when you get the chance; whether its to save money, experiment, or just maybe the problem doesn’t seem big enough to warrant a visit to an actual mechanic, as was the case with my most recent wrenching experience. The Problem So its march, and it’s been pretty cold lately. My daily driver (2007 Toyota Camry) had develop a weird noise coming from the steering…

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What’s The Ultimate Dream Car Garage Space?

man in black t shirt and blue denim jeans standing near black car during nighttime

I’m sure as an Automotivist the dream car garage space excites you almost as much as what your going to store in it. Most enthusiasts are probably thinking of which cars they would park in their dream car garage when they read they read the title . That’s a conversation that could probably last many days in most circles. I’m talking more literally about the actual garage itself. Every time I look at homes on the market, I’m immediately drawn to the garage space. This is because knowing how much…

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