How To Buy A Car Like The 1%

photo of an elderly woman holding money

So you want to know how to buy a car like the rich eh? Lucky for us the internet exists, and secrets don’t stay secret forever. There’s tricks that the very wealthy use, that you might not have known about.  These tricks allow them to keep on winning at their favorite game which is making money and finding ways to pay less for the stuff they want. So let’s break down how to buy a car like the 1%. Have Deep Pockets Here’s the first trick to buying a car…

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What Makes A Good Price On A Used Car?

Finding a good price on a used car

A good price on a used car is what you feel confident a purchase is worth. In simple terms paying under market value for a car is generally considered a good price, while paying over is considered a bad price. If you purchase a car today and sell it tomorrow for a profit then that would be considered a great price. The nuances of how to value a car and leverage details to negotiate is the art of finding a good price. The information is simple but effective when combined.…

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The Secrets To Swapping Wheels Between Cars

black rubber mercedes benz automotive wheel

I know we’ve all thought about swapping wheels between cars at some point or another. Wheels after all make or break the appearance of a car.  Sure there are a ton of aftermarket wheels to fit your every whim, but sometimes an eye catches an oem wheel that just does it for you. Whether it’s between model years or different brands we just have to have it.  The question is can we make it work? Can you just switch wheels with another car, simply unbolting the old and bolting up…

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Hot Tip: How To Upgrade Your Car’s Sound System

engineer testing sound system

So you’re finally doing it, swapping out that old sound tech. You’ve found the right place because I just did the same, and here’s how to upgrade your car’s sound system the right way. I’ll go over how to pick out the right system for your car, which components are needed, how to get it done, and where to get the right components. Soon you’ll be surrounded by sweet audio bliss too. Plan Out Your Audio System First things first, know what you want to do. As the old saying goes, “failing…

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4 Things To Remember For An Epic DIY Car Wash

Nothing is more satisfying for a gear-head than a DIY car wash and detailing a car at home. While there are people who prefer the convenience of a car wash, many of us prefer cleaning and detailing our cars painstakingly by hand to get that perfect finish. As fun as it is to maintain your car, it can get a bit overwhelming for people who are new to vehicle detailing. Therefore, to make life easier, we have put together a list of 4 things to remember for an Epic DIY…

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How To Change The Serpentine Belt On Your Toyota V6

So this is your guide on how to change the serpentine belt on your Toyota V6. For a while now on my daily driver (2007 Toyota Camry) I’ve had this terrible squeaking noise. It’s the kind of noise that drives you crazy and makes you hate driving it. Some days it would go away and other days it would come back with a vengeance, so I knew it was the belt. I figured out that my engine, the V6 2GFRE, has an easily changeable serpentine belt. It’s a fairly simple…

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