What Happened To Hybrid Pickup Trucks?

pickup truck on highway

With the world in some what of a green revolution, I ask what happened to hybrid pickup trucks? The top 3 selling vehicles in the U.S last year, and pretty much every year, were pick up trucks. That’s a huge potential market to clean up. I want to explore why we don’t have the pickup truck version of the Toyota Prius, and whether or not it’s even possible to have a successful hybrid pickup. Update: Ford has finally released a Hybrid Pickup truck. Check out here. The Truck Market The…

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Best Cars Under $5k: The Cursory List

I consistently have friends and family looking for advice on car purchases. The question that comes up the most is best budget car for the lowest price. Specifically what are the best cars under $5k, because well, nobody has money to spend anymore. The one advantage to obsessing about cars is you can occasionally talk about them and give some useful advice. So to make it easier for myself I decided to write down a list of what I think is the best value in cars these days. We’re talking…

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