Take The Stress Out Of Fixing Rust On A Car

classic red vehicle

Rust is the enemy of any car. So when you see rust developing you should try and neutralize it immediately. So how do you go about fixing rust on a car? Depending on the severity of the rust on your vehicle the steps involved could be as little as a coat of paint or very complicated as I recently found out.  My auction find Ford Escape hybrid was hiding some nasty rust underneath its rocker panels. It was almost completely rotted out. I quickly realized how severe this was and…

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The Easiest Cars To Work On Right Now

man in black jacket and black knit cap inspecting car engine

Even though many of us Automotivists like to wrench on our own cars, we don’t always like some of the unnecessary complications some cars present. So I’ve figured out the easiest cars to work on, for you. Some are easier than others, and each has its own reason.  Maintaining your car shouldn’t require an advanced engineering degree. If you need something that won’t drive you crazy when getting your maintenance on, check out the vehicles on this list.  Chevrolet Silverado HD Work Truck The legendary Chevrolet small block. Been around…

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Love Your Car – It Will Do The Same

woman wears yellow shirt and blue denim jeans sits on silver car

Love your car? Some of us might. Some are beyond love and are at obsession. Im not talking about those people here though. I’m speaking to the vast majority. Those who use and abuse our vehicles and treat them like the appliances they are. According to Fox, a OnePoll study conducted on behalf of Cooper Tire found the average American spends 18 days driving per year, that’s 8 hours and 22 minutes per week! Although some people personify their vehicles, I’m not telling you to do that. By loving your…

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