Take The Stress Out Of Fixing Rust On A Car

classic red vehicle

Rust is the enemy of any car. So when you see rust developing you should try and neutralize it immediately. So how do you go about fixing rust on a car? Depending on the severity of the rust on your vehicle the steps involved could be as little as a coat of paint or very complicated as I recently found out.  My auction find Ford Escape hybrid was hiding some nasty rust underneath its rocker panels. It was almost completely rotted out. I quickly realized how severe this was and…

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The Easiest Cars To Work On Right Now

man in black jacket and black knit cap inspecting car engine

Even though many of us Automotivists like to wrench on our own cars, we don’t always like some of the unnecessary complications some cars present. So I’ve figured out the easiest cars to work on, for you. Some are easier than others, and each has its own reason.  Maintaining your car shouldn’t require an advanced engineering degree. If you need something that won’t drive you crazy when getting your maintenance on, check out the vehicles on this list.  Chevrolet Silverado HD Work Truck The legendary Chevrolet small block. Been around…

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When To Replace Your Tires, And How To Do It Properly

man changing a car tire

You will eventually need to replace your tires. It’s a fact of car ownership. As the tread wears on your tires, so will its grip and performance.  This affects all aspects of driving including acceleration, steering, and braking.  Generally you’ll need to replace tires on three occasions. After your tires have worn out down past their usable tread depth, past the useful age life of the tires, and when you experience a flat or blowout. The key is figuring out when these will happen and the symptoms that reveal when…

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How To Fix Anything On Your Car Yourself- Mostly

bearded man fixing motorcycle in workshop

So you want to know how to fix anything on your car yourself eh? If you’re anything like me you like to wrench on your car when you get the chance; whether its to save money, experiment, or just maybe the problem doesn’t seem big enough to warrant a visit to an actual mechanic, as was the case with my most recent wrenching experience. The Problem So its march, and it’s been pretty cold lately. My daily driver (2007 Toyota Camry) had develop a weird noise coming from the steering…

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Learn To Do Your Own Car Maintenance Right Now

Maintenance, the age old question. Well maybe, not really, but for me it’s a question that comes to mind when any sort of service is required on one of my vehicles. Should You do your own car maintenance? Reasoning The DIYer in me wants to tackle every and all aspects of maintenance. Even Upgrading on my cars because I feel like it’s a necessary part of ownership. I feel it’s required of any self claiming auto enthusiast. Another reason, is because I am really particular with details. I don’t trust…

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