The Automotivist

Welcome to the Automotivist.

I am a millennial, and self professed car enthusiast. An accurate description of my love for automobiles would be passionately obsessive.

Just like many of us “gear heads” out there, I am one of those enthusiasts who spends his spare time dreaming and researching every stray idea involving an automobile. Fearing I would lose some of those good ideas, I decided to start this website.

I am by no means a professional writer. Just a regular guy with some basic literary knowledge, a laptop, and some driveway d.i.y wrenching experience.

I have logged a ton of googling and YouTube time researching all genres and categories of basically anything automotive related.

On this site I want to discuss all the random car related ideas and questions I spend countless hours being consumed by. I know there must be others like myself out there who think about these things as much as I do.

So by visiting this site I hope you’re a little entertained, a little informed, and a little intrigued.

From trends in the car universe, buying/selling advice, d.i.y and project cars, general opinions as well as anything and everything in between.

Above all the should be a community were you as readers join the discussion. through comments and suggest ideas for future posts.

Feedback is appreciated and encouraged. Questions, suggestions, or opinions can contact me directly.

So Enjoy!

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