If you’re in the market for a new car, you’ve probably been bombarded with advertisements from various brands, each claiming to be the best. But let’s be real, there’s only one clear winner: Toyota.

Now, I know what you might be thinking – “but Toyota is just like any other car brand, right?” Wrong.

Toyota stands out from the competition for a variety of reasons, and we’re going to dive into not only why Toyota is the best car brand around but the greatest of all time.

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Toyota has a history of reliability

5 Reasons Why Toyota Is The GOAT And All Others Kinda Suck
Toyota Military Truck

Think of the two words car and reliability.

Tell me that Toyota isn’t the first thing you thought of you liar, go ahead, I dare you.

When it comes to purchasing a new car, reliability is key.

Most first-time buyers don’t know that, but the car gods have a way of making you learn by paying out the wazoo for repairs. Just ask any first-time BMW owner.

Now if you don’t want to constantly be shelling out money for repairs or having to deal with pesky breakdowns; That’s where Toyota comes in.

Toyota has a well-deserved reputation for producing reliable vehicles.

In fact, according to Consumer Reports, Toyota is the top-rated car brand for reliability. This isn’t just a one-time fluke – Toyota consistently ranks highly in reliability ratings year after year.

Every car in every category for damn near 30 years that Toyota has touched will become a future classic, based simply on the fact that they will last.

Every car you say? Yes.

Look at any used car site, Autotrader, Autotempest, or Hemmings, all old Toyota/ Lexus products hold a premium over their competitors.

Camrys, corollas, anything. Toyota is a blue-chip car.

Toyota has a diverse range of vehicles

5 Reasons Why Toyota Is The GOAT And All Others Kinda Suck
Toyota Range

One of the best things about Toyota is the sheer variety of vehicles they offer. Whether you’re in need of a compact car, a spacious SUV, or a rugged truck, Toyota has got you covered.

Take the Toyota Corolla, for example. This compact car is perfect for those who want a reliable and fuel-efficient vehicle for city driving.

Or, if you need something a bit bigger for your growing family, the Toyota Highlander is a fantastic choice – it’s spacious, safe, and packed with features.

And let’s not forget about Toyota’s truck offerings.

The Toyota Tacoma is a popular choice for those who need a tough and reliable truck for off-road adventures. And with a variety of trim levels and options available, you can customize your Tacoma to fit your specific needs.

If you happen to purchase a Toyota Truck, you can probably drive it for a decade pay minimal in repairs and sell it getting back half or more of what you paid.

The point is if you need any kind of car, Toyota makes it, and it will outlast everything else, forever.

Toyota is a leader in innovation

5 Reasons Why Toyota Is The GOAT And All Others Kinda Suck
2 Gen Toyota Prius

If I say the word Hybrid, what is the first car you think of?

I’ll be damned if it isn’t Prius. A whole category of vehicles that is dominated by Toyota.

Toyota was one of the first car brands to introduce hybrid vehicles, and they’ve continued to lead the charge in this field.

Now they’ve pretty much hybridized every vehicle in their lineup.

Fun fact Honda was actually the first manufacturer to come to market with a futuristic-looking hybrid called the Insight in December 1999 beating the Prius by 7 months.

The Toyota Prius is probably the most well-known hybrid vehicle on the market, and it’s no wonder – it consistently ranks highly in fuel efficiency ratings.

If you’re in the market to save fuel, the Prius kicks serious ass.

If you have a family and want to save fuel the new generation Sienna, gets amazing mileage like 36 overall for the FWD. How do I know this? I own a 2021 FWD Sienna.

But Toyota’s commitment to innovation doesn’t stop there. They’re also working on all-electric vehicles, like the Toyota Mirai, and have even developed a prototype for a flying car. Now that’s what I call thinking outside the box!

Toyota has a strong focus on safety

5 Reasons Why Toyota Is The GOAT And All Others Kinda Suck
Toyota Corolla

Safety is always a top concern for car buyers, and Toyota knows this. That’s why they prioritize safety in all of their vehicles.

Toyota vehicles are equipped with a variety of safety features, such as airbags, stability control, and lane departure warning systems.

And it’s not just about the gadgets – Toyota also performs well in crash tests, further solidifying its reputation as a safe car brand.

The ultimate safety item though? Working all the time. Toyota just works, it doesn’t leave you stranded and that’s the safest you can get.

Toyota has a solid resale value

5 Reasons Why Toyota Is The GOAT And All Others Kinda Suck
Toyota Landcruiser

When it comes time to sell your car, you want to get as much as you can for it. And if you’re driving a Toyota, you’re in luck especially if it’s a 4×4.

Landcruisers, 4runners, Tacomas, Tundras, Fj cruisers. 4 wheel gold baby.

Looking for a cheap 4×4 here’s the best one you can get under $5K

Toyota vehicles have a strong resale value I mean really strong, meaning you can expect to get a decent amount of money back when you sell your car and in some cases more than you paid for it!

This is due, in part or almost entirely, to Toyota’s reputation for reliability. People know that a Toyota is a dependable car, which makes it more desirable when it comes to resale.

You could say it is cultishly desirable.

So not only will you have a reliable car to drive while you own it, but you’ll also get a good return on your investment when you sell it.

Toyota has excellent customer service

5 Reasons Why Toyota Is The GOAT And All Others Kinda Suck
Toyota Cressida

As with any company, customer service is important. And Toyota definitely doesn’t disappoint in this department.

Toyota dealerships are known for their excellent customer service, with helpful and knowledgeable staff who are happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have. And if you do happen to have any issues with your Toyota vehicle, Toyota’s customer service team is there to help you get things sorted out.

Or maybe? Dealerships are independent outfits, so your experience depends entirely on them. Most experiences at the dealers suck, but who cares if you’re buying a Toyota.

Your car is the best most reliable thing in existence and that should make up for all the suffering at the dealer.

Now if you don’t have a Toyota sorry to say your car probably sucks, but don’t despair. You can always trade up to the Gold Standard.

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